Luxurious hotels in Germany

Stay in a luxury hotel in Germany with myfuturehotel to your storybook landscapes and indulge in cutting-edge urban culture. Spirit-soaring mountains, stately baroque palaces and half-timbered villages straight out of a Grimm fairytale are yours to explore.

Germany efficiency is not a myth, nor is it limited to the manufacturing of automobiles. Consider Oktoberfest. Is there a more efficient way to be merry? Or how about a record-setting seven appearances in the World Cup Final. Not too shabby.

Join cocktail-sipping socialites to revel in the glamour of Berlin’s 1920s stylish lounges. You’ll hear thrilling Beethoven symphonies in his birthplace, Bonn, while Dresden’s exquisite baroque Semperoper resounds to opulent Strauss operas. Cologne’s fervent carnival is played out in the shadow of its Gothic cathedral. Skyscraper-studded Frankfurt, Germany’s financial nerve centre, is the place to head for up-to-the-minute metropolitan luxury.

Head to Berlin, where gleaming glass towers rub up alongside historical structures dating back to the Kingdom of Prussia, for some of the world’s best nightlife (which, paradoxically, often doesn’t get going until 10 a.m. the next morning).

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