Luxurious hotels in USA

From the Atlantic to the Pacific, from the Arctic Ocean to the Caribbean covering no less than eight time zones. In between it ranges from tundra to tropics, from rainforest to desert, from mountain summits thousands of feet above sea level to salt lakes hundreds of feet below. It has something to offer everyone whether relaxation, rejuvenation or adventure is on your mind.

A luxury USA holiday will suit you whether you’re looking for a honeymoon or travelling with the family, whether you want to stay in a city hotel for a long weekend or combine a city hotel with a stay in a resort either in the USA or the Caribbean. It’s a wonderful place to visit, filled as it is with so many different worlds, subcultures and belief systems.

Let the white sands of Malibu’s famous three-mile Zuma Beach entice you to join the body beautiful or charter a luxurious private yacht to explore the rugged Channel Islands. You might spot a humpbacked whale on a deep sea fishing trip for marlin near the exclusive Hamptons with its shingled beach houses. Dive down to sunken wrecks off the Florida Keys and watch barracuda glide silently through the reefs.

Soak in a hot tub in your Rocky Mountain luxury resort gazing out at the spiky Tetons. Beneath a canopy of enormous California oaks, wine lovers in Napa Valley imbibe spicy Pinot Noir on exclusive private vineyard tours. In New England’s gentle Berkshire hills, hot air balloonists drift above the fiery foliage.

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