Luxurious hotels in Indonesia

Immerse yourself in the relaxed Indonesian way of life at luxury hotels in Indonesia with Discover ancient kingdoms, vibrant modern cities and lush tropical landscape on islands surrounded by crystal-clear blue seas.

More than 17,500 islands form the Indonesian archipelago, which stretches across the equator for over 5,000 kilometers. Add to its geography 300 ethnic groups and 250 languages, and we have a country whose variety is perhaps not matched anywhere else in the world.
Java, Papua, Bali, Sumatra, Lombok and Sulawesi are the most popular destinations for visitors, characterized by their beautiful beaches and exotic cultural heritage. Indonesia’s wealth of flora and fauna is also worth exploring in several nature reserves: Kerinci Seblat, Bukit Barisan Seelatan, Lorentz, Gunung Leuser, Komodo or Ujung Kulon.

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