Luxurious hotels in Mexico

Exploring the luxury hotels in Mexico is an experience unlike any other one day will lead you on an adventurous turn in the highlands; another will land you on an endless Caribbean beach. While a week is easily lost on an epic Aztec journey through ancient ruins, a whole month can go by in the bustling capital city.

Wherever home is, Mexico is going to be many worlds away. This truly exotic country, seductive and often bewildering at the same time, offers infinite opportunities for travelers. It beckons with its bright colors, ferocious sunshine, vibrant markets, unfamiliar food, intriguing smells ans ever present music. And yet, Mexico like a magician who has perfected his disappearing act is notorious for defying definition. At almost 2 million square km, Mexico is much bigger than many realize equal to France, Spain, Britain, Germany ans Italy combined, according to Isabella Tree in her book Sliced Iguana.

The country encompasses a kaleidoscope of contrasts awe-inspiring landscapes, ancient and modern architecture, exquisite and sophisticated regional cuisines, rich cultures and mysterious religious practices offering much drama to the visitor ans a sense of life lived to the hilt. One will have to live here, or return many times, to even attempt to comprehend this mammoth expanse of land, her diverse people and pronounced regional differences. Mexico is a deeply alluring country that many find irresistible, with its balmy climate, wide-open spaces, striking scenic beauty and friendly inhabitants.

Luxury Mexican Hotels by cities

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