The Maldives is one of the most exotic and unique holiday destinations in the world, with stunning coral islands, endless turquoise waters and white powdery beaches.
Beach House Maldives is an exclusive retreat within one of the world’s most exceptional travel destinations.

Here, the legendary luxury of Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts is enhanced by nature’s marvels, creating a resort that is both wonderfully indulgent and deeply inspiring.
Situated in the northernmost atoll is Beach House Maldives, part of the prestigious Waldorf Astoria Hotels and Resorts. Travel across the ocean on our scenic seaplane and arrive at this luxury resort, which offers true Maldivian experiences, complemented by a rich heritage of service and excellence.
A true haven for those who appreciate beauty and life.

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With an emphasis on wholesome living, The Spa offers full treatment programs, Ayurvedic therapy, and specialized meditation and yoga sessions. All treatments incorporate fresh, local ingredients, with herbs and coconuts frequently picked directly from our own gardens. Each private treatment room features an outdoor courtyard, rain shower and flower bath, creating a personal oasis of relaxation and indulgence.
Shrouded in luxuriant vegetation, embrace nature in The Spa at Beach House Maldives, a haven of comfort and rest, and a healing sanctuary for the soul.

Modun Spa

Modun Spa embraces the symbolic nature of the historical labyrinth – a winding path that forms a journey to self discovery and holistic renewal. Relax and breathe as you meander the labyrinth style pathways of our tranquil garden spa and surrender yourself to a personalized adventure of creative and spiritual renewal, calm your mind and refocus your intentions. Embrace the healing energies of aromatherapy, yoga, meditation, indigenous herbal healing traditions or the therapeutic wonders of Ayurveda – the choice is entirely yours.
To this end we have partnered with world-renowned “Aromatherapy Associates” to create a sophisticated collection of treatments that may deliver results in the areas of anti-aging, deep hydration, mental clarity and relaxation. Every treatment stays true to traditional aromatherapy principles, using the powerful effects of massage to enhance the intoxicating properties of essential oils.

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga literally means “union” or “to yoke.” Union refers to the goal of balancing mind, body and spirit through a series of physical, mental and breathing exercises. Yoga concentrates on body postures (asanas) and movements in combination with controlled breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation. It is an excellent way to de-stress as it encourages inner peace, balance and clarity of mind, while bringing flexibility and strength to the body.

This ancient form of structured breathing techniques coupled with prescribed body postures derives from the Indian word for “union”, the union between one`s individual consciousness and the universal consciousness or between the body and mind.
Meditation is an integral part of many yoga techniques, but can also be used as a separate way to enhance the inner sense of well-being. If you are interested in inner purification, spiritual growth as well as numerous health benefits such as reducing blood pressure, improving sleep or reducing overall stress levels, come and join our internationally certified wellness instructor in our “Body and Mind Movement Pavilion”.


Your home at the Beach House Maldives will be one of 83 beautifully designed villas, each of which features its own private pool, outdoor dining area, and personal butler. While our Beach Villas, Water Villas and the Grand Beach Pavilion showcase their own unique characteristics, all offer an exquisite combination of eco-sensibility, breezy tropical ambiance, and truly limitless luxury.

Water Villa

Perched over pristine turquoise waters, there is no place to be than in the private deck’s infinity pool, taking in the breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean.
Glass paneled floors allow quiet observation of the exotic marine life, while steps lead directly onto the soft sandy lagoon for a refreshing dip. The bathrooms are partially open-air, featuring i-Spa bathtubs.

Beach Villa

Leisurely dotted throughout the island’s lush vegetation, these generously appointed villas are elegant and discreet. The interiors open up to invite the invigorating sea breeze, as do the open-air bathrooms and a sun deck with cosy loungers. A private cabana directly on the beach is perfect for enjoying the views under the sun.

Ocean Villa

An infinity pool, an over-water hammock and stunning panoramic ocean views highlight these villas. Reflecting the traditions and cultural heritage of the Maldives, intricate carvings and traditional handicrafts feature throughout the interiors, including beds made from teak in its original form and a traditional Maldivian swing, the un’dhoali on the expansive deck.
Complementing the villas rustic theme is state-of-the-art technology, including electrical blinds, a blu-ray home entertainment system and internet TV. All Ocean Villas have separate areas for lounging, dining and sleeping, as well as open-air bathrooms with i-Spa bathtubs and rain showers.

Beach Suite

With more space to enjoy the exhilarating surroundings, these luxurious retreats feature separate areas for lounging or entertaining, dining and sleeping. Guests can also enjoy the lavish i-Spa bathtub and rain shower in the bathrooms and relax in their private beach cabana.

Grand Water Pavilion

This luxurious over-water retreat features a spacious sun deck with a large infinity pool looking out to the sweeping panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. With an elegant thatched roof, solid timber structure and breezy open spaces, this spectacular villa is the perfect haven for a family or group of six.
This villa also features two bedrooms, i-Spa, private dining area and a spacious lounge with a state-of-the-art home entertainment system.

Grand Beach Pavilion

The ideal retreat for a family or group of six. The bracing sea air and stunning views can be enjoyed from the private deck or in the swimming pool, while pampering can be arranged in the massage treatment room. The villa consists of two bedrooms, a dining room, two open-air bathrooms, a sauna, steam room, i-Spa, and state-of-the-art entertainment.

Gastronomy & Bar

Dining at the Beach House Maldives is all about fresh, delicious, organic, creative cuisine served in breathtaking settings. From our four restaurants to our three all-day bars, even the most serious gourmet will find plenty to inspire the palate.


Set over the water, it is only fitting that Saffron is the dining hub of the resort, offering sumptuous all-day dining amidst the stunning views of the Indian Ocean. In the mornings, discover the delights of a Champagne breakfast. In the evenings, the restaurant is transformed into an elegant, Asian inspired restaurant, featuring contemporary Maldivian and Asian cuisine.

Medium Rare

Real flavours served in a stunning and romantic beachfront setting, Medium Rare artfully blends grilled items with classic Waldorf Astoria heritage cuisine. The essence of the Maldives can be savoured in freshly caught and prepared seafood, with herbs and vegetables from the resort’s own garden. Also served are a selection of top quality imported meats, luxurious delicacies and boutique wines from around the world.

The Cellar

The Cellar is a whole new world of refined tastes and splendour. Located well under sea level, it is home to an extensive collection of fine vintages from boutique wineries around the world. With regular wine appreciation sessions and hosted degustation dinners, this is the ideal place for those with discerning tastes.


An oasis of peace and tranquillity, guests are free to relax and be pampered in this secluded area. Cocktails from the legendary Waldorf Astoria Hotels and Resorts and a fabulous selection of food are served throughout the day, with poolside massages also available.


In keeping with the Maldivian affinity to nature and the outdoors, the Brazilian-inspired Amazon is set in the cool tropical surroundings of the main pool. A refreshing oasis for all.

30 Degrees

The most exclusive gourmet moment in the Maldives dedicated to exclusive dining on a reservation-only basis. Set over turquoise water, guests are taken on a gastronomic journey of discovery through an array of exquisite sampler dishes, paired with a unique wine chosen beforehand by the sommelier.
Over-water pavilions are available for special events. Reservations and arrangements prior to the events are mandatory.


A luxurious spot for lounging comfortably after a day in the sun – ideal for watching the sunset, sipping pre-dinner drinks and sampling tapas, creative sangrias and wine by the glass. Uncover the delights of our unique selection of tapas made by our Chef.


Sparkling white sands, pristine turquoise waters and discreet, world-class service. Relaxing by the beach has never been better.

Art Gallery & Tea Lounge

The only art gallery in a resort in the Maldives, it showcases the works of local artists and indigenous art pieces. Discover the wonders of the Indian Ocean culture while having breakfast. The tea lounge offers a selection of typical Maldivian refreshments and snacks, prepared and served with the Waldorf Astoria touch.

Destination Dining

Beach House Maldives offers a range of sublime settings for unique dining experiences – on the beach, on either of the resort’s two deserted islands, in the fiber optics-lit Infiniti pool or in the Beach Villas’ or Suites’ private cabanas. You can also enhance your experiences with personalised menus, wines, lighting and music playlists.

In Villa Dining

World class service, a sumptuous range of Maldivian and international cuisine and a selection of boutique wines, all in the secluded setting of your villa – yet another tempting dining experience in your own world.


Beach House the Waldorf Astoria Maldives

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