The old capital of the Hungarian kingdom, crossed by the majestic Danube, Budapest is an incredible crossroads of civilization and culture, an inspiring muse for generations of artists.

The luxury Boscolo Budapest hotel embodies its soul perfectly and is an obligatory destination for anyone fascinated by excellence. The location of what was called the ‘most wonderful café in the world’, the New York Café, it is a work of art now restored to its former glory. Old-style prestige is united with maximum levels of comfort guaranteed by a most elegant interior design: marble, bronze, brocade and period frescoes magically complement the crystal and steel typical of contemporary design in an attempt to find perfection.

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Spa and Wellness

Budapest, in the basin surrounded by the Carpathians, called ‘Ak-ink’ or ‘abundant water’ by the Celts and then ‘Aquincum’ by the Romans, is well-known for its hot springs and has many stations where you can take the waters. For this reason the luxury Boscolo Budapest had to have an exclusive SPA, where you can rediscover your psychological and physical well-being with the help of masseurs and therapists of the highest level. It is an ideal place to relax or be cosseted in, and you can choose from a broad range of treatments, provided in collaboration with SPA Experience. Designed by the architect Simone Micheli, it is inspired by natural elements such as water, rocks and wind: the surfaces enclose the guests and the colors make the atmosphere soft and gentle.

Meetings and Events

The refined design of the architect Iosa Ghini with woodwork gives the modern Conference Center of the 5-Star Luxury Boscolo Budapest an exclusive personality, with an independent entrance and capable of holding up to 650 people in its communicating rooms, all of which have avant-garde technology.

From the main hall, which holds 550 people, 2 further rooms may be opened, each holding 50 people.

On the upper floor, 2 other halls holding 40 people each are also available.

A further conference area has direct access to the five Star Budapest hotel and features woodwork, and can hold up to 225 people in its four communicating rooms, again possessing up-to-date technology.

3 small rooms holding 25 people lead off from the main one, which holds between 80 and 100 people; two of the smaller rooms can be used separately, in combination with the adjacent foyer, for smaller meetings.

The elegant and modern Rossini Room, an ideal place for cocktails, can house up to 160 people.

The Boscolo Budapest VIP Lounge is suitable for press conferences, meetings or private get-togethers.


For a luxury wedding of your dreams, let yourselves be overwhelmed by the precious marble, bronze, silk and velvet of the five Star Boscolo Budapest.

The Boscolo Budapest experience makes available to the couple a Wedding Planner who concentrates on all the honeymoon details: from the wedding reception to the catering, from the dance evening to the photography, from the bride’s dress to the floral arrangements, from hairdressing to make-up, from the wedding list to the hire of a car. The Budapest hotel banqueting is a symphony of elegance and flavours: with the help of the chefs of our well-known restaurants, it will also suggest refined menus which leave guests enchanted. The impeccable service and the courtesy of the staff complete the picture.


The excellence of exclusiveness, the pleasure of discreet luxury: at the five Star Boscolo Budapest everything has been thought out to satisfy the requirements of the most refined of guests.

The 185 luxury rooms, including 44 Superior, 23 Junior Suites, 4 Executive Suites and 2 five Star Presidential Suites, have an eclectic and cosmopolitan style, which brings together splendid period furnishing with the details of contemporary design.

The tenuous and warm tones suggest a softness of life style which finds its best moments here, where comfort and relaxation are excellent. The most prestigious solutions include areas for working breakfasts or private meetings, which can also be connected to the conference center.

Presidential Suite

The splendor and nobility of the aristocratic world can be found in the presence of sumptuous details: gold, brocade, crystal, chandeliers, works of art and the red and blue colors.

Executive Suite

Discretion is a privilege. Here, the most opulent classicism and the essential rigor of contemporary steel and crystal meet in a magical area: a hotel within a hotel.

Junior Suite

Stucco and decorations describe a plot in which a welcome of quality is the leading character and the flavor of hospitality becomes an art-form to experience in the beauty of a perfect setting.

Superior Room

A door opens onto another dimension: exclusiveness. A place rich in beauty, small solicitudes and great attention. What will be wanted is present even before the desire comes to mind.

Deluxe Room

Places of refined intimacy and the sumptuous stage of special days. Everything has been thought up to be perfect and to guarantee the harmony of your holiday, with moments of relaxation and well-being.

Gastronomy & Bar

The Boscolo New York Café is considered to be ‘the best café in the world’; it was not only the literary pantheon of the Bella Époque, but also a famous café where you can still taste traditional flavors and typical dishes, in harmony with the Italian cuisine, and with a welcome and elegant and creative cuisine which results from the ‘Boscolo Food Experience’.

In a secluded setting, separated by light crystal but still immersed in the magical atmosphere of the historic café, there is the New York Salon Restaurant. And then the Bar, a perfect place to enjoy drinks, cocktails and vintage brandy in the necessary tranquility. The breakfast room has an essential fascination but offers the usual viewpoint of a small table on a large balcony.

New York Café

This is the hotel’s beating heart: like a precious jewelry box on four floors, it retains the decorations which made it famous all over the world.

The ceiling is adorned with marvelous frescoes by Gusztav Mannheimer and Ferenc Eisenhut, dating from the mid-XIX century. Sumptuous Venetian chandeliers produce a magical light, and golden stucco work covers the twisted columns: the effect is enchanting.

Entering the New York Café means taking a step back into the past: visitors are overwhelmed by the whim, opulence and refinement of the place. The more time spent in these rooms, the more one begins to appreciate the fascination of the Belle Époque. While outside the bronze Luciferes, symbols of artistic spirit, recall the many painters, actors and intellectuals who have always frequented the café, inside one can appreciate both the proverbial affability of the water and the delights offered by barmen or chefs.

It is a precious piece of Budapest and of Hungarian literary life, once the offices of the magazine ‘Nyugat’.

One anecdote tells of how the famous writer Ferenc Molnár, on the day the café opened threw the keys into the Danube so that it would never close.


Similar to a protected enclave, a velvet setting is created by the tenuous light and red charged with mystery, which welcomes those guests seeking quiet and intimacy.

New York Salon

The service is excellent and the cuisine surprisingly exquisite and creative. Each dish is accompanied by the best Hungarian wines. The liqueurs trolley is definitely worth your attention.

The restaurant will be closed from August 1st to August 21st.

Breakfast Room

Breakfast with the thousand fragrant types of bread of Hungarian tradition and the exquisite pastries which stand out between the teapots and trays. A good morning comprised of goodness and charm.


Boscolo Budapest

Erzsébet krt. 9-11
1073 Budapest , Hungary

Tel:+36 1 8866 145, 1 8866 111
Fax +36 1 8866 192


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